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Pecan Cracking & Cleaning Machines

CobraHead- Long Handle Weeder- Cultivator

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Kangaroo Gardening Container

Kangaroo 30 Gallon Gardening Container holds a mountain of grass clippings or raked leaves. Great for gathering up a family's worth of clothes and kids toys. The padded handles and sturdy construction allows you to move any pile around with ease.

Our Price: $25.95
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CobraHead- Long Handle Weeder- Cultivator

The CobraHead Long Handle weeder- garden cultivator is getting rave reviews from our customers. For something so simple, it does many jobs. Click here to see the video on the Cobra Head Long Handle weeder-garden cultivator and its many other uses.

Retail: $59.95
On Sale: $54.95
You Save: 9%
Heated Plant Guard Mini-Greenhouse

The Heated Plant Guard is a mini-greenhouse and so much more. It is useful in the winter to protect plants from the freezing temperatures and during the summer it can provide valuable shade to light sensitive plants.

Retail: $49.95
On Sale: $29.95
You Save: 41%

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