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Pecan Cracking & Cleaning Machines

EZ Creamer Corn Creamer

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Corn Creamer-Corn Cutter

The Thomas Corn System is a corn cutter table top for making cream-style corn. Just place the corn cutter table over a garbage can and you're making cream-style corn in no time. A whole kernel corn attachment is optional. SPECIAL PRICING!

Retail: $179.95
On Sale: $129.95
You Save: 28%
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John Thomas Accessories

EZ Creamer Bracket

Extra EZ Creamer Bracket

Our Price: $19.99
EZ Creamer Corn Creamer

The EZ Creamer doesn't just do cream corn. In addition to being a corn creamer, the EZ Creamer is also a corn cutter, corn sheller, and corn shucker. This machine covers all of your corn harvesting needs.

Retail: $74.95
On Sale: $69.95
You Save: 7%
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EZ-Creamer Corn Cutter Addons

Kernel Kutter

The Kernel Kutter is an easy way to cut whole kernel corn.

Our Price: $9.99
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Kernel Kutter Options

Lees Corn Cutter

This is the Original Lee's Corn Cutter. Easily cut whole kernel or yummy cream-style corn. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations that have flimsy blades that can bend or break! Lee's Corn Cutter has been around since the 1930's.

Buy 1:$14.95 Each
Buy 2:$13.95 Each
Buy 3+:$13.45 Each
Corncob Screw

Corn Cob Screw replacement for EZ Creamer or Thomas Corn System

Our Price: $6.99
Corn Cutting Board-EZ Chopper

The EZ Chopper Corn Cutting Board works great as a corn cutter. It also slices apples, carrots, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The corn cutter cleaver rotates on a food-safe board. The forged metal runs through the handle making it virtually unbreakable.

Retail: $44.95
On Sale: $39.95
You Save: 12%

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