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Pecan Cracking & Cleaning Machines

Corn Cutting Board-EZ Chopper

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  Corn Creamer-Corn Cutter

Oh no. This popular corn system is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The manufacturer has passed away. Check back for further updates but at this time, it appears this will no longer be made. Please see our EZ Creamer Corn Creamer.

EZ Creamer Corn Creamer

The EZ Creamer doesn't just do cream corn. In addition to being a corn creamer, the EZ Creamer is also a corn cutter, corn sheller, and corn shucker. This machine covers all of your corn harvesting needs.

Retail: $74.95
On Sale: $69.95
You Save: 7%
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EZ-Creamer Corn Cutter Addons

Lees Corn Cutter

This is the Original Lee's Corn Cutter. Easily cut whole kernel or yummy cream-style corn. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations that have flimsy blades that can bend or break! Lee's Corn Cutter has been around since the 1930's.

Buy 1:$14.95 Each
Buy 2:$13.95 Each
Buy 3+:$13.45 Each
Corncob Screw

Corn Cob Screw replacement for EZ Creamer or Thomas Corn System

Our Price: $6.99

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